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Yuanfeng is a professional abrasive material manufacturers, set scientific research production and sales as one of the large enterprises

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  • Has many years of development history

  • 60,000 square meters of plant

  • 60 devices

  • 36 engineers

Dengfeng yuan-feng abrasive material factory

Dengfeng yuanfeng abrasive material factory strives to integrate advanced technology, high-end talents and advanced concepts into the development process of the enterprise, so as to provide strong support for the pace of internationalization and ensure that dengfeng yuanfeng abrasive material factory partners to obtain satisfactory products and services.More and more+

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Yuanfeng products distribution of multiple countries and regions, for the majority of customers to bring greater benefits

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Here, records all about yuanfeng, whether it is company news or technical knowledge, will be the first time accurate to present to every reader...

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